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Healing with Horses

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man." ~ Winston Churchill


Skills Development

What is Skills Development Services?

Skills Development workshops utilize structured programs that target specific skills. Based on education principles, these programs are designed to help you grow and foster skills to help with relationships. Skills targeted with these programs include:

                 Knowledge                    Problem Solving

                 Relationship Building        Focus

                 Skill Development            Body Language

                 Communication               Negotiation

                 Active Listening               Leadership

                 Trust                              Choices

Groups vs Individuals

Skills Development workshops are available for group or individuals. Workshops can be one time or set up as a series up to 12 weeks.

For groups the programs allow a space to experience learning together and build skills that can be used in professional or personal relationships. This is a great way to practice skills with other people that you use everyday.

For individuals, typically 6-8 sessions is the duration, although can be adjusted as needed. This is a great way to develop personal growth and healing and a strong relationship with your horse healer.

Take The Reins Professional Development

This specialized workshop is designed for work teams to develop skills together to strengthen your team. 

Specialized material available for healthcare teams to improve skills and team morale.


Healing Time

What is Healing Time?

Sometimes we need something special with horses to heal. Healing Time is a personalized service that focuses more on experiencing horses and how they connect with humans to help you grow. This service is less rigid then the skills development programs.

Group or Individual

Healing Time can be offered for groups or individuals.

For groups, healing time can be tailored for your group specifically or may be upcoming programs and retreats.

For Individuals, healing time can be specialized to your needs.


For more info contact us!

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